Check-ins at venues

There are gyms/venues throughout the UK where you can earn points from check-ins with your membership card. You’ll need to check with your gym if they offer this. This is the most reliable way of earning bounts points at your gym/venue.

It’s not up to us which venues want to be on bounts which we thought was unfair on all our members so we built a way for you to earn points from other gyms/venues by checking-in using the bounts mobile app.

We’ve drawn a virtual ‘’fence’’ around most sports venues throughout the UK and you can find this list of venues under ”Venue Map” on the bounts website. This map is imported from Google. If your gym isn’t listed there, it’s because Google don’t have it listed as a gym or sports venue. However, we are building a feature that allows you to add your venue manually. This isn’t currently available and regrettably we’re unable to add venues manually at this stage.


The bounts venue map

How can you earn points?

– If you have your mobile with you, and you’ve downloaded the bounts app you can earn bounts points providing you are doing all the right things:

– You’ll need to have Bluetooth and GPS switched on. Make sure that the bounts app is allowed to use these features (check your handset).

– You’ll need to have ‘’automatic check-ins’’ switched on under ‘’settings’’ in the bounts app.

– The check-in will happen automatically, it measures the time you entered and the time you left. As long as that is more than 30 minutes you will get points.

– You must be logged into the bounts app.

– You must have ”allowed” bounts to use location services.

– Note: Bluetooth left on all the time can drain the battery on some smartphones. We have optimised the app as much as we can but if you do have a big drain then turn-off “automatic check-ins” and only use it when you need it. The GPS on your handset can also contribute to battery drain. GPS does not use mobile data or eat into your data plan. A very small amount of data (less than an email) is sent to the bounts server to award you with points. If you are concerned about cost, please check with your mobile provider or do not use this check-in service.

What can’t we help with?

We are the first to admit that this isn’t a precise way of tracking a check-in but it does mean that we can offer it to as many people as possible without needing every sports venue to agree and sign-up properly. It’s delivered to you on a best efforts basis. Unfortunately we won’t be able to look up missing points or check for missing attendances. There are so many variables that it’s hard to support.

What can we help with?

We are able to check data for bounts members who have their gym membership card integrated with bounts. This means it’s easy for us to check your points for attending the gym (our gym partners are listed under Tracking Apps on the bounts website). We are also able to check missing points for members who are attending a bounts verified venue.

Due to so many variables with your handset, such as GPS, settings etc we are unable to provide support if you’re using the bounts app to ”check-in”. It’s delivered on a best efforts basis.

Check-ins is an added benefit of what bounts is already offering.

What do the venue icons mean?

Your Location; quite simply, where you are currently, being shown on the map.

Bounts Venues; participating venues. These venues have paid to be a part of bounts and have the full bounts set-up. We can provide support for check-ins at these venues. Free members can check-in here.

Active Venues; venues that have been activated by a Premium or Premium+ bounts member. Free members are unable to check-in here.

Unconfirmed Venues; no one has checked-in at this venue yet. This venue will need to be activated by a Premium or Premium+ bounts member. Status will change from Unconfirmed Venue to Active Venue once a Premium or Premium+ bounts member activates it.

Activating a Venue

To activate a venue, click on the icon of the venue in the Venue Map and select ”activate”. Note: only Premium and Premium+ members can activate venues.

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