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Bounts is officially integrated with a number of different fitness tracker apps – allowing you to record a walk, run or cycle with the added bonus of building up points to spend on rewards. All you need to ensure is that you connect Bounts to each relevant fitness tracker app account.

Last time we looked at the potential of gaining Bounts rewards by connecting to Moves, the fitness app which has just been acquired by Facebook—watch this space. Equally well-known and respected within the wearable community is RunKeeper.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to activating Bounts through the RunKeeper app:

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In September 2013, Apple recommended that if you were to download only three apps – one of them should be RunKeeper. Its popularity in the online running community is second to none, and its functionality makes it a perfect choice for everyone from the occasional jogger to marathon trainers.

RunKeeper’s GPS accuracy allows you to track various activities including walking, running or cycling in real time, with audio updates along the way. This added feature allows you to directly receive information on: splits, distances and overall time.

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After completion of your activity, the RunKeeper dashboard has a lot still to offer after your warm down and shower! Each recorded activity logs calories burned, elevation and route distance – all of which are stored and collected in your personal records, in helpful tables and charts.

In the most recent update 4.5, RunKeeper has also added a new personalised goal dashboard. This personal touch provides RunKeeper users with the chance to upload a photo that most represents their motivation for achieving individual fitness plans.

If keeping to your fitness plan can be difficult, the app’s push-notifications reminding you of when next to go for a run can provide a nice gentle nudge in the right direction.

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Alternatively, if you’re looking to stay active, but the thought of a morning run keeps you tucked in bed, check out RunKeeper’s new app: Breeze, which provides fitness tracking for basic activity in your daily routine such as walking.


Connecting RunKeeper to Bounts

You can receive 15 points for running, walking or cycling activities as long as it lasts longer than 20 minutes and has an average speed of >4km/hr. A maximum of 4 activities per day will qualify for points.

Bounts is officially integrated with RunKeeper, and you can connect by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Bounts Profile, and click on the Tracking Apps page.
  2. Click on the ‘Connect to RunKeeper’ icon
  3. Sign up to RunKeeper via the link
  4. Confirm access for Bounts to connect to your new RunKeeper account

Find out more by visiting and logging in to


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