The bounts evolution – fairer, more motivational & personalised for you

At bounts we realise that we can always do better and recently have been looking for ways to improve the experience that we give our members.  In particular, the way in which we distribute rewards and the expectations that we’ve set for those paying for Premium and Premium+ membership.

Our rewards are the icing on the cake and as such, we want to make access to them fairer, more straightforward and, most important, closely linked to you achieving your goals.   We have therefore made some improvements to the way bounts works.

The key developments to the bounts app

  • Every member of bounts will now earn 20 points for an activity (all members will be equal from now on)
  • Nobody will have to pay for the service (Premium and Premium+ subscriptions have stopped)
  • Cash voucher rewards will now be linked to exercise challenges. You won’t need to hunt for them in the reward shop
  • If you have paid for a membership then you can get at least the value of the subscription back in cash vouchers by participating in exercise challenges

We are a small team and we are working hard to get the bounts experience where we want it to be. We are continuing to make changes which will further improve your bounts experience.

Finally, I would like to say again how much we appreciate all our bounts members. We love hearing from you, whether it is constructive criticism, suggestions for improvements or stories about your personal successes. Keep exercising and keep focusing on your healthy lifestyle and we promise to continue to help you stay motivated.

Please keep reading below, to see all the changes and improvements…

Kind regards
John Stuart
bounts Founder


The Changes in Detail

Removing Premium and Premium+ Membership
One of the key changes we made in recent times that has proved to be of limited value to members and to bounts has been Premium+ membership. Although it allowed some members to accumulate points rapidly, it was something that changed the nature of bounts from motivational and inspirational to something more akin to a nectar type loyalty scheme, where the gaining of cash vouchers (or the equivalent) is the main aim rather than a pleasant occasional reward for lifestyle changes. There is nothing wrong with a nectar scheme, but it’s not what bounts is.

Therefore, from today, we will be removing paid subscription memberships and instead every member will now receive the same number of points per activity. We are doing this in a way that no-one loses out financially and which is as fair as possible.

Recently, the reward shop has been extremely frustrating for some members hunting for cash vouchers.  We’re changing how that works which means you don’t have to hunt for vouchers anymore.

In addition, you won’t find any cash vouchers in the shop moving forward.  We are now linking them to the completion of a new type of challenge.  These new challenges require you to have enough points to enter and sometimes, if they are sponsored by partners, meet other criteria . We have already beta tested this among selected members by inviting them to undertake their own private challenges, then providing them with a reward when they completed it.

The reward shop will continue to have great offers and exclusive deals from our partners.  As we’ve grown we are getting more and more offers for lifestyle and active gear that will allow you to mix your points and cash.

Other changes

We are improving the way you earn points… up until now, a free member could earn a maximum of 15 points per day. From now on all members will be able to earn a maximum of 180 points for 9 activities per day.  Points still remain important.  They will get you access to certain challenges and can be used for points plus cash purchases in the reward shop.

At the end of November all members will be able to set their own goals.  Instead of 7,000 steps being the goal for everyone, the goals will now be unique to you.

Challenges will become a key feature of bounts and will vary in duration, activity type, entry requirement and availability. Alongside the personalised challenge system outlined above, we will be increasing the availability of other “all member challenges”, such as the bounts bonanzas which have been so successful recently. We will also be adding random but regular challenges which will be rewarded with £5 vouchers immediately. For example, we might put out a challenge for the first 100 people to complete three consecutive days of 10,000 steps – they will all receive a £5 voucher on completion (providing they enough points).

Stuff you want
We are also planning to bring more of the sports and lifestyle gear into both the shop and the challenge process. We are confident that we will be able to offer ways to get hold of valuable items for considerable discounts with your points – something that we have had good feedback on from members. In addition, buying something from one of our partners may open up a new challenge just for you (for another reward!).

Reward wheel – time to go
The reward wheel has not been as successful as we wanted and so we are removing it from the bounts app. We will allow the credits to be used (wheel spins) up until November 30th but after that the only currency within bounts will be points.

Nominate your step tracker
For some time, we have seen a growth in multiple trackers being used to gain points (something we have allowed up until now). However, this is not really in the spirit of bounts and so although members will be able to continue using multiple trackers, they will have to nominate which tracker will be used to earn points (you will be able to change which one at any time, but only one tracker will earn points at any one time) – we think this is fairer to all members.

We are (we know!) pretty much at the sharp end of the technology that allows check-ins at sports clubs and other venues – our tech is unique and it works. However, the bit of the tech that we have no control over is the phone signal at any particular venue – the cause of most failed check-ins. This often gives rise to inconsistent check-ins which is frustrating. Therefore, we have decided to remove automated check-ins and you will need to manually check in each time you visit your sports club (or any other sports related venue that we cover – which is most). Manual check-in is quick and easy and much more reliable.


If  you have any questions or require further information please visit support

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