The easiest and most delicious work lunch ideas you’ll find on Pinterest

August is drawing to a sad and inevitable end, meaning that most of us will be heading home from holidays and back to work. But don’t let that mean a return to unhealthy snack lunches, try some of these ideas to revitalise your lunchtime and beat that afternoon energy dip! Don’t be too worried if yours don’t look exactly like the photos below…
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Let’s be real for a second — lunch at work sucks. Monday through Friday you’re faced with the same question: whether to eat your tired old sandwich or spend your lunch break waiting in line at a trendy (read: expensive) salad shop. At this point, the thought of eating another PB&J could probably bore you to tears. We at HuffPost feel your pain, and we’re here to help you overcome your lunchtime slump.
1 Chicken Caesar Ciabatta Sandwich
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